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North Branch Municipal Liquors is celebrating over 70 years of service to North Branch taxpayers. Thank you for shopping your local municipal liquor store, where your purchases pay you back. Store profits are proudly returned to the communities we serve! The City established the municipal liquor store, voted into operation on December 15, 1947, as a revenue-producing department. Store profits, managed in the City's Enterprise Funds, go back into the community through the City budget and is allocated to projects as directed by the City Council. In 2000, the City constructed a new 6,000-square-foot store next to the Northgate Mall on the east side of I-35, just several yards from where the old store had been. This store opened on June 7, 2000. Sales and profits have grown each year, and by 2016 we had outgrown our new store. Additionally, a nearby competitor ceased operation, and we realized an increase in sales that was not sustainable for the long-term in a store our size. On December 23, 2017, the City of North Branch opened its second location in the North Branch Market Place Mall, located on the west side of I-35.

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