Welcome to Minnco Credit Union! If you’re not familiar with credit unions, let us dispel a few misconceptions. First, we’re not a “union,” at least not the way most people think of unions. Second, you don’t have to belong to a “union” to become a member. And third, though we do have members, there aren’t any membership dues. What we ARE is an excellent alternative to banks. If great service and great rates sound good to you, stop by and check us out at any one of our five locations. There’s no fee to open up an account; all you need is $5.00 in your savings. The sooner you stop in, the sooner you can start saving money! Since 1935, Minnco Credit Union has provided the people of East Central Minnesota with quality financial products and services at the lowest possible cost. Having grown to more than 26,000 members, Minnco Credit Union is preserving its rich tradition by continuing to provide our members with new, convenient products and services to meet the demands of today's hectic lifestyles. Today, Minnco Credit Union members have easy access to five branch locations. In addition to our original site in downtown Cambridge, MN, we have an office in Isanti, Cambridge Cub Food store, North Branch and Andover. All offices are open Monday through Saturday and our Cambridge Cub Foods office is open on Sunday.

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